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What is Alchemy?

Through all of history mankind has been searching to understand the mysterious workings of the physical world around him.  Some individuals were content to accept the explanations offered to them by the religious leaders of their time.  Others of a more adventurous spirit often tried to investigate things for themselves.  These investigative spirits naturally began to congregate together to share their pursuit of the understanding of the workings of Nature.  These individuals became known as Alchemists, and throughout history, have made valuable contributions to man's scientific knowledge, most notably the sciences of physics and chemistry.

Many people equate alchemy with the quest to turn less desireable or "base" metals into gold or silver, and indeed this was often the goal of the alchemist.  Others maintain that the stories of Alchemists "transmuting" lead or tin into gold or silver were just that - stories intended only for entertainment, while the real purpose for the alchemist's pursuit was to transmute his own "base" soul into it's more heavenly or "golden" aspect.  The truth lies somewhere in between the two.

The art of Alchemy, which is indeed an art, has recently enjoyed a resurgence of popularity.  This is due mainly to discoveries made public as recently as the late 1990's by a man named David Hudson.  Hudson was a self-proclaimed "dirt farmer" who entered into this realm through his attempts to recover precious metals from old mine "tailings" - material that was once abandoned as being too costly to process until the late 1970's, when the price of precious metals rose high enough for them to be once again considered profitable, regardless of the efforts required to recover them.  Along with the customary precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum David discovered some strange "new" materials with some very unusual properties.  As it turns out, this material seems to be somehow related to "The Philosopher's Stone" the very thing that was most highly prized and vigorously pursued by the ancient alchemists as a universal medicine. 

David named the material ORME's - short for Orbitally Re-arranged Mono-atomic Elements, also known as ORMUS or M-state.  Along with its many interesting physical properties such as being a superconductor at room temperature and displaying anti-gravity effects, these materials seem to be what our very "light bodies" are made of, and most importantly, require for nourishment.  Many of the ancients believed that if you took this material regularly in small amounts as a dietary supplement, your body would become virtually "indestructible," - meaning extremely resistant to disease and illness - and that it would actually slow down and possibly even reverse the aging process.  We of course make no claims for the material, but hundreds of testimonials are available for your reading at various other White Gold web sites.

What makes our products different?

As you search around through all of the modern Alchemy sites and white powdered gold sites on the web you will find that they all pretty much offer the same things.  So what makes us so different?  Here at Atlantis Alchemy we formulate the various Mannas that we offer exactly the same way as they were made centuries ago, with the same care and patience, augmented by cutting-edge proprietary techniques to enhance the potency.  All of the equipment and raw materials used to produce the products offered on this site are of the highest quality available, and the levels of impurities present in the various elixirs are many times less than what you'd find in your typical bottled drinking water.

The base of each Manna is painstakingly produced using the finest distilled water available, and then prepared for packaging using specially enhanced, ORMUS-enriched mountain spring water that has been passed through a magnetic Ormus trap

We also place a primary-energy device next to, and focused upon, the reaction vessel while precipitating the mannas. This has made a very noticeable improvement in the quality of the manna. As you can see - there's a whole lot of technology, old and new, packed into our little bottles!

Our Pledge to You:

We at Atlantis Alchemy will always put product quality ahead of  personal profit and continually strive to improve our procedures and perfect our products.

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